Out of time

Time is one for flying by, slipping away, and even disappearing.

This struck me this weekend as I was reminded of how long I’ve been neglecting this little virtual platform of mine.

Mind you, over those weeks of silence, I did find the time to scribble down blog ideas on post-it notes amidst other daily to-do tasks. Yet none have materialised into actual blog posts and my achievements of the past few weeks are so few I’m wondering what the hell happened to time.

My obsession with clocks and watches doesn’t help me work out where time goes. If anything, it’s constantly ticking away at me reminding me another hour has passed without a word from me on this blog!

This fear stops me from filling my house with clocks; a small one on my wrist and a huge one in the bathroom suit me fine.

But I could maybe get away with clocks of the non-mechanised sort:

Alarm Clock cushion, Debenhams

Who Cares clock tote bag, Cafe Press

Lucia Gloding print, Cuckoo Clock and Swan Chair, Rockett St George

Cake Time tea towel, Mr PS

Clocks lampshade, ATADesigns