Naked lightbulb seeks stylish dress

So January is thankfully behind us, but I find the doom of February actually far worse.

The regular cold snaps and persisting greyness do nothing for me, and my plan for the next 4 weeks consists of a series of cheerful injections into my world: attending the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, booking a summer holiday to Croatia, going to the David Shrigley retrospective at the Hayward Gallery and reading Stewart Lee’s “How I Escaped My Certain Fate.” I won’t lie, I’ll also be listening to Leonard Cohen –even though he’s everything but cheerful, yet magical.

It’s also the perfect time of year to revamp things on the home front so I’ve been on the lookout for my next project in the flat.

I started with an easy one: finding a suitable lampshade for the spare room.

After 14 months in the flat, I still haven’t got around to choosing one, mainly because I’m particularly fussy when it comes to lampshades (or the ones I like tend to cost the earth).

I’ve tried my best to find interesting shades for every room whilst keeping an eye on the budget so far.

KITCHEN: enamel lampshade, Labour & Wait
HALLWAY: Cole & Son Fornasetti wallpaper lampshade, Love Frankie
LIVING/DINING ROOM: wire shade, B&Q via eBay
BEDROOM: bamboo cage shade, NEXT Home

But here’s the rather desolate and lonely energy efficient lightbulb that’s requiring special attention:

With our electrician being inexplicably keen on short flexes and our ceilings being particularly high, I favour tall shades that hang down into the room rather than a wide drum that would appear to hover too close to the ceiling.

This helps narrowing down the search, and despite the following picks looking damn good, they can be discarded right away:

Horsfall & Wright cardboard lampshade 

John Lewis Jolie Ceiling Shade, Green

Jennifer vandenBrand Haytor Tweed handmade lampshade

So I was thinking more along these lines:

Bouf smoking gun lampshade

Etsy Olive print handmade lampshade

And I finally struck gold with a bargain on the Bouf website:

Hanging flower light shade, Bouf

A bargain at £11.95, here’s my first project of the year successfully completed.

a now fully dressed energy efficient lightbulb

Still a whole month to go, but I’ve got plenty more projects to keep me busy.

Who cares if February is cold and grey!