That New Year’s day feeling

The Christmas tree is on its last leg, slowly losing its dark shade of green.

All the presents have been opened and played with so I filled the space at the foot of the tree with a rusty candlestick holder and an old hat box.

I’ve been saving that last Ferrero Rocher for the New Year…
I’ve definitely earned it

A wonderful fortnight of parties, feasts and beverages shared with loved ones has left me somewhat exhausted, so I know how the tree feels!

So I’m not sure what came to me this morning when I decided to christen my new macaroon-making equipment with a long and elaborate baking session.

Maybe I was being a bit too ambitious to tackle such a technically challenging experiment on 1st January, especially after 5 hours’ sleep, one single cup of coffee and a fried egg (on) next to toast.

how NOT to make macaroons: work the meringue too hard and you’ll get cracks

I covered the kitchen surfaces in icing sugar and the cupboards in chocolate in the process. The result looks nothing like the £3 each Ladurée macaroons, but they taste absolutely delicious of course.

the best 3 prototypes were used to achieve this highly professional photo-shoot

so you can see how good they are, a close-up of the same 3 prototypes

The other more ‘unique’ ones will have to be eaten really quickly to get rid of the evidence of failure.

A very happy new year and special thanks to you all for reading.

Here’s to many more inconsequential blog posts and baking disasters in 2012.

Featured image at the top via Parisien Salon.