It all started…

… with a chocolate and banana muffin

Actually, there were 4 initially.

My sister-in-law brought them over last weekend, and I remembered to take a picture only seconds before this last one ‘disappeared’. You’re lucky to even see it.

They were delightfully sweet and moist –yet not too much– and snippets of chocolate and walnut added just the right amount of crunch (I duly congratulated the said sister-in-law).

And there it was: an inescapable yearning for baking.

My baking cupboard was a bit bare from months of neglect. But the indispensable cocoa and caster sugar were both there, waiting patiently for my return.

An open packet of polenta and some ground almond inspired me to go down the wheat-free route and I quickly came across this chocolate polenta cake recipe on the web.




My baking hat is officially back on.