Lost in the supermarket

My new project for February consists of bringing a bit of Japan into my home.

It should start with a bit of cooking of course.

This new craze comes at the back of the past 4 weeks spent in baggy clothes to allow for a large intake of potatoes, cheese and cream. Of course, it was absolutely delightful. But the overall feeling of lethargy and the nasty cold that have been lingering for the past week should probably be taken as a warning sign.

Following threesmallapples‘ advice, I spent my lunch hour at the Japanese supermarket Arigato on Brewer Street, stocking up on the basics.

I could have spent hours there, but I restricted my expenses by sticking to the bare essentials. Without blowing my own trumpet, my first homemde Miso soup this evening was rather successful and the dull ache I’ve been experiencing in the past few days is slowly disappearing.

And with my new favourite tea of the week, I’ll be back up and running in no time.

Arigato (ありがと) – thank you threesmallapples!


Now the kitchen cupboards are full, surely I’m allowed a bit of inspired window (online) shopping:

Cavallini numbers japanese tape, £12.50 from Oliver Bonas

I’m considering getting this imported all the way from Australia…
Tasty vintage tea towel from Yardage Design

at £8 each, I’m still hoping these will make it to a sale of some sort (I need 4!)
Anthropologie Atom Art Japanese bowls, via Minori Design

nice and simple
Muji railway station alarm clock, £21.95

Until payday, it’s best I stick to the cooking experiments.

If all goes well, I should be able to instal a conveyor belt in the bay window to display my culinary masterpieces very soon.