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2 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Hi

    Your partner’s parents dropped by to see me today and gave me your blog details. Thanks so much for your comment about my shop at Creake Abbey. I also have a space in MWD at The Bower House, The Green, Burnham Market so call there next time you’re up in Norfolk….lots more French treasures. The bags look great in the photo!
    I’m just getting my website going too to try to reach people who can’t manage to get to Norfolk so have a look if you have

    Hope to see you next time you visit. Annie

    • Hi Annie, thank you for your message, it’s very kind indeed. I checked your website, it looks great! I’ll make sure to pop in to see your space at the Bower House next time I visit Norfolk, this sounds very exciting too! All the best to you, and hopefully see you soon on my next visit to the lovely Norfolk. Gaelle

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