A corner of one’s own

Over the past 18 months, our spare room has fulfilled many roles to suit our day-to-day routine.

Despite its awkward narrow width, it’s accommodated an inflatable double mattress on at least one occasion, and a folding single one on many of my dad’s visits.

My other half would probably describe it as a music studio though. With 3 guitars hung on the wall and a crate full of mysterious leads and pedals, I suppose it qualifies as just that.


In my head though, it’s obviously the laundry room, where our unsightly fresh washing likes to hang for days after it’s completely dry (don’t we all do that?)

So it was time this confused room was given a more defined function.

I started my home studies course in interior design over 6 months ago now, and it goes without saying my progress has been incredibly slow. With only 11 units under my belt (out of the total 56…), I have blamed it all along on a lack of space, and more specifically a lack of desk.

So there we were in Ikea last week picking the most practical solution to my woes: a pair of trestles with accompanying tabletop.


So we agree one half of the spare room remains a ‘music studio’…

…and the opposite corner is one of my own.

The laundry can live on the boundary I suppose.

As you can see, I’m putting my corner to good use already with a bit of blogging.

Oh and I’ll be studying here too, of course…


2 thoughts on “A corner of one’s own

  1. Your corner is so cute! You really can’t beat IKEA for things like this. I hope your interior course is going well!

    Thank you SO much for your lovely comment about my baby news, you’re so sweet!

    Meera xx

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