Student days ahead

Following weeks of talking about it and a few clicks of the mouse on a cold night last week, I am now officially studying again.

A full-time job means the best option was open learning so I can fit everything else around my studies.

And if all goes well, I may qualify in a couple of years’ time and try my hand at interior design.

I’m watching an A2 drawing board on ebay, and luckily CassArt have a sale on at the moment so I shamelessly raided their shelves for the rest.

ahhh the joy of brand new stationery

As you can see, I’m already procrastinating: showing off my new school kit in front of Masterchef instead of getting unit 2 done.

At least things have evolved: in my previous student days, I would be showing off my dubious cooking skills (dried penne and a jar of Homepride Pasta Bake sauce straight into the oven) in front of Neighbours…

I have nevertheless made a good start and I’m slowly developing a huge collection of inspiring images to include in future projects.

thank you Mollie Makes and Guardian Weekend

And I can at last put some of these to good use:

I know Nice Day for A Sulk will be the perfect place to research, expand and share the inspiration.

And it may also be used as a platform to procrastinate, from time to time.



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