Knits (and knots)

I’ve rescued my chunky knits from the winter section of the wardrobe and the stove has been in full service again.

Winter is officially upon us.

Once upon a time, I did know how to knit.

I took so long over my first scarf that John Lewis had discontinued the wool I needed by the time I needed to stock up again…

Luckily one doesn’t need to know how to knit to revel in cable stitches and chunky wools. This shopping list should help keep the cold at bay indoors too:

Christmas spice knitted candle from M&S

Couture Deco knitted wallpaper via Art at Heart

porcelain knit textured jug from Swanky Maison

knitted book cover via paper and bookmaking blog Cai Lun

–this one doesn’t qualify as ‘knits’ but I couldn’t resist adding it to the wishlist
knotted rope basket at Alder & Co, via Design*Sponge

Flor cable knit floor tiles via Rhythm of the Needles

I still own my knitting ‘kit’, and often use the needles for various DIY tasks around the house..

I may be a bit clueless when it comes to crafts, but I would probably beat you all hands down at stuffing things into very small holes: knowing how to keep those cold draughts out is a very useful skill at this time of year indeed.


4 thoughts on “Knits (and knots)

  1. Oh, it takes me forever to knit anything, even scarves! It’s the one craft that I actually don’y enjoy that much but I do love a good knit. The jug is gorgeous! x

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