My weekend starts now

For the first time in several months, I’m shamelessly enjoying a day off in the week.

It feels a bit like that time I bunked off school to play Playmobils with my childhood best friend: a bit scary but also so brilliant.

we did get caught, but it had all been worth it for the fun we had

There are no Playmobils to give me excuses for a day off today, but I’m sitting at the dining table, listening to Eugene McGuinness and looking out onto a grey deserted park

but more importantly, enjoying a very continental breakfast:

cinnamon danish, freshly squeezed spanish orange juice and strong Italian coffee…

…straight from Venice

The day started early with trips to the dry cleaners, post office and supermarket (to buy said cinnamon danish of course).

The smallest jobs that usually seem so tedious at weekends were rather pleasant this morning: no queues, and I even encountered a few smiley faces and ‘hellos’.

The weekend will be spent on the Norfolk coast, in chunky cardigans and wellies.

Have a lovely weekend all.


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