Hibernation mode

With the nights drawing in and the temperatures dropping, my evenings have slowly morphed into hours of much reduced activity by the roaring fire, preferably in comfy slippers and with a hot beverage at arm’s length.

I think I may have caught the hibernation bug.

Beware, it’s spreading.

To help you through, I’ve compiled a list of main symptoms and suggested remedies:

Cravings for hearty food fill up most of the infected subject’s waking hours. Taste buds can only handle robust ingredients and earthy flavours.

Nigel Slater parsnip & porcini mushroom soup

Your nose can no longer bear light florals and fresh citruses. Instead, your nostrils dream of warming honey, incense and tobacco.

Serge Lutens Chergui, named after a hot and dry Moroccan wind.
This scent enchants me. The most precious potion in my dresser.

Your sense of touch is frail and you cannot get anywhere near cold and hard materials. Only soft and warm will appease you.

fluffy cushions and Scottish wool blanket are a must

Your brains have turned into mush after too many hours of appalling television.

use your hands with a bit of cross-stitch to toughen your patience…

…or re-read an all-time favourite and let the memories rush back

These suggested remedies are working wonders for me.

I can now happily live with my symptoms, by the roaring fire, in comfy slippers and with a hot beverage at arm’s length.



6 thoughts on “Hibernation mode

  1. Oh I am soooo suffering from hibernation mode right now. I want to fall asleep and wake up in Spring but i would be rather sad to miss Christmas. Thanks for the tips, i love that key cross-stitch by the way!

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