The curious incident(s) of the girl in the garden

The confused weather patterns of the past few weeks have turned my garden on its head.

Back in July, I brought the tiniest seeds back from my Nan’s garden in Provence:

I didn’t think anything would come of it until next spring.

But the October sunshine obviously worked wonders and I had to organise an emergency mass re-potting session on Monday to accommodate my young French marigolds.

all the way from sunny Provence…

Mysterious events carried on for the rest of the week:

Giving up on my dream of a flavoursome homegrown tomato salad for this year, I harvested two handfuls of green tomatoes a few days ago.

I left them on the kitchen windowsill whilst collecting recipes for various green tomato chutneys and jams, but I realised on Thursday I would probably have to rethink this whole green tomato plan:

patience makes perfect

So it may still not be the tomato salad I was hoping for, but I would have at least managed to grow ONE tomato this year, a real one.

Carrying on in this rather puzzling fashion, the week ended with an interesting addition to the wall just outside our front steps this morning:

I have absolutely no idea who put it there, but the passers-by have been smiling at it all day.

I’m waiting for night to fall to put a tealight inside. This way I can claim my part in this week’s peculiar happenings.

Featured image at the top via Ruth Adams art


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