The power of making

Nowadays, you can pretty much fill your home with stags.

Stags have been all the rage for months: you can get hooks, lamps, wallpaper that all come covered in the damn thing.

I actually succumbed and adorned my bedroom door with this little trinket last year:

But I’ve somehow grown tired of the whole trend –I’m considering spray painting this fella black to give him an edge…

Anyhow, a visit to the Power of Making at the V&A last week made me discover the work of crochetdermy artist Shauna Richardson.

Suddenly a handmade crochet stag head takes a whole new dimension and doesn’t seem so dull anymore.

A crochet bear was the piece on display at the V&A and I was dumbstruck by its likeness to the real thing.

No mould, no machines, no factory.
Just the unfaltering hands of a very talented artist indeed.

If you can, go and see the exhibition.
And if you can’t, just keep on making things.



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