Back to school

The smell of freshly sharpened pencils, the crispness of an unused exercise book and the shine of brand new moccasins illustrate my memories of a first day back at school after a long French summer break.

Now things have changed; I no longer go back to school –some of my friends’ children are the ones taking on this tradition, and it doesn’t actually make us any younger…– but I still get hugely excited by sharp pencils (especially the sturdy yellow ones with the pink rubber), pristine paper goods and shiny flat shoes.

In fact, I could easily fill my home with school paraphernalia along these lines:

child school desk via Tara Bradford

French fruit poster via Alternative Eagle

reclaimed school hooks via Original House

traditional leather satchel via The Bucket Tree

So it might be this time of year and a bit of nostalgia for my old school days that would explain my latest expenditures on ebay: £2.99 on a 1940’s Mint Family school wall chart and £5.49 on a wooden framed writing slate (both to be featured right here at some point).

This tells me I should start using my time more wisely and open school books more often instead of my laptop.

PS: this word of advice doesn’t apply to you of course: keep on popping here now and then (and see my new post on the Natural History blog tomorrow afternoon).

featured image at the top via.


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