Attention to detail

I’m one for getting sucked in by pretty packaging.

It seems like ‘the-best-packaging-options-to-maximise-sales-with-consumers-named-Gaelle’ (or TBPOTMSWCNG in marketing talk) is constantly at the top of the marketing executives’ agenda.

I came across The *TeaShed on Design*Sponge last week and I was drawn in right away. 20 teabags packed in a paper cup may not seem groundbreaking, but it certainly caught my attention. There are flavours to suit all tastes and the catchy names made me chuckle: Out of Milk or Pick Me Up at 3 teas just do exactly what it says on the tin (/cup).

I settled for the lightly spiced chai –appropriately named Baby, it’s Cold Outside *Tea– and the low in caffeine white tea –4am *Tea.

Yes of course the teas are delicious.

But the smaller details are really what did it for me.

The parcel contained a bag of Emergency *Tea, to ‘keep with you at all times, in case of emergency, break at seal’.

A sweet little note on the parcel also made the queuing at the post office suddenly worth it:

The beauty is in the detail.




5 thoughts on “Attention to detail

  1. Oh jealous! Saw these the other week and thought how great they are. How’s the low caffeine tea? I have a quite a perchant for a late cuppa! x

  2. Ah yes, can totally see why you like these! Have you tried Cosy Tea? They do lovely teas with cool packaging and funny little details too.

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