Mystery guest

As you’ve most definitely been following my garden diary on the Natural History blog, you probably know I’ve turned our garden staircase into an idyllic botanical patch –and in case you’ve missed the latest developments in this exciting venture, may I suggest you catch up here.

The landing on top of the staircase has been my favourite reading spot this summer, particularly in the afternoon when the cosy area catches the best of the day’s sunshine (if the weather has been so inclined of course…)

With the seasonal clock ticking, I was making the most of the last few hours of summer this Tuesday afternoon when this guest suddenly joined my solitary tea party:

It seemed like a sunny corner and a little chat over a cup of tea was all the neighbour’s cat was after.

I did most of the talking, but he didn’t seem to mind, as he quickly went from this…

…to this:

And as it always goes with cats, this shared moment of affection was quickly over and he nonchalantly walked away as if our brief encounter meant nothing.

So as I was saying to the cat as he casually put an end to my ramblings, I will be spending the Bank Holiday weekend in my beloved Norfolk, looking for a sturdy wooden stool. Nice and simple.

They cost a small fortune in London so I’m hoping the North Creake  sale won’t let me down.

Biscuit Stool by Outofstock Design via

A shabby one will do too.

via Attic 24

Happy Bank Holiday weekend all.





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