Wonky corner seeks party cupboard

A funny-angled wall in the living room has limited the options in my mission to increase storage space in the flat.

The troublesome corner is tucked between the sofa and the doorway and can only fit a rather narrow item of little depth (especially if doors/drawers have to open out).

As it’s also the only spare corner we had left, the pressure was on to find a practical piece of furniture to store the following entertainment equipment:

• spare sets of plates (yet to be acquired)
• guests’ tea sets (yet to be acquired)
• a full set of wine glasses (only 3 have survived out of the original 6… so yet to be acquired)
• various bottles of alcoholic elixirs to amuse our guests (yet to be invited)

The wonky corner was indeed perfect for a ‘party cupboard’.

My searches proved it can be tricky to find a small piece of furniture that’s functional as well as attractive. Also the term ‘party cupboard’ is sadly not recognised in search engines.

And then came Scaramanga.

As well as selling the most beautiful leather messenger bags and satchels (…I’m getting sidetracked), their furniture section was the answer for my wonky corner: old distressed authentic wooden cabinets, and so many to choose from in all shapes, colours and sizes.

I eventually settled for this one:

As you can see, the cabinet isn’t quite ready to be throwing the party of the century, but we now have a good excuse to put this right.

Your invites are in the post.

PS: bring beverages, plates and glasses (and anything else that ought to live in this cupboard).


Featured image at the top via.



4 thoughts on “Wonky corner seeks party cupboard

  1. I need a party cupboard too. Am off to check out the rather wonderful Scaramanga now. Thanks for including Kat got the cream on your blogroll by the way. I’m very touched!

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