The longest week

I’d like to apologise for the reduced service on Nice Day For A Sulk of late. I have spent the past week glued to the television and Twitter (and also my kitchen window on Sunday evening) as I saw the recent events unfold.

There are no words to describe how it feels to see mayhem take over the place you call home. And so many reports, opinions and interpretations have already been made it would be futile to try and add to it.

Instead I’d like to share the very little things that have made the last week a little bit sweet and comforting for me amidst the chaos.

the prettiest front garden just down the road from me

my latest ebay acquisition that the seller kindly insisted on delivering in person

some very very young hollihock coming out to say hello

this sign outside Finsbury Park station on Tuesday morning

people coming together to clean Tottenham yesterday (via cleantottenham‘s photostream)

Every little helps

Featured image at the top: Why We Love Peckham impromptu bulletin board (via Eye)


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