Good things come to those who wait

So here I am, all refreshed after a lovely relaxing –but somewhat chillier than usual– week in Provence.

The temperatures stubbornly kept to the low-to-mid 20’s, so there was no trip to the pool this year.

We kept to the sunny balcony enjoying hours of reading, eating and dozing, with a view over lavender fields and the Couspeau mountain in the distance.

Enough said, let’s get down to business and discuss the issue that really needs settling here: Operation Wall of Shame.

For those of you who missed the first instalment of this rather exciting project, I splashed out on a second-hand herbal from the local charity shop a few weeks ago in my quest for vintage botanical prints to put on my empty wall of shame in the hallway.

In an attempt to pass the responsibility on to someone else, I put it to the long-suffering readers of Nice Day For A Sulk to decide whether or not I should rip out the beautiful illustrations from the said book to dress my wall.

The response was overwhelmingly positive so I had no choice but to set ‘our’ mischievous plan in motion.

And here’s the long awaited result:

Don’t look too closely… I did put those up myself (with a few swear words along the way).

Well thank you all for the advice, I’m ever so pleased with the result.

NB: Yes a book was harmed during this painstaking process, but rest assured it’s been carefully stuck back together with seamless bits of tape and lovingly put back on the shelf, between Karl Marx and Billy Bragg.



9 thoughts on “Good things come to those who wait

  1. I’m normally completely anti anything that involves harming a book but I have to say that they look stunning on your wall – much better out on show than tucked away on a shelf I guess…

  2. That is a gorgeous wall display! The prints from the book are stunning, such a fantastic find!

    Your Provence photos are lovely, looks like it was a relaxing holiday! I’m getting on a plane tomorrow, time for my summer break 🙂

  3. Well I’m glad to have been an accomplice because the finished effect is fabulous! Where did you get the frames from? Were the prints a regular size? Really impressive-looking!

    • Well thank you! I got the frames from eBay, 12 A4 certificate frames wholesale for £20.99. The illustrations were 245×185 so I used sheets of black craft paper for the background, et voila le résultat!x

    • Well thank you! I got the frames from eBay, 12 A4 certificate frames for £20.99. The illustrations were 285×185 so I used black craft paper for the backgrounds, et voilà le résultat!x

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