Message in a bottle

My new favourite thing is a good bottle.

No, I’m not talking about my taste for wine here (mind you…). It’s the container itself that interests me.

All shapes, colours and styles: milk, apothecary, perfume, seltzer, poison or even beer…

I once bought these gorgeous apothecary ones on eBay:

…but was slightly disappointed to discover how small they were upon arrival…

with years of practice (and disappointments) under my belt, I now know to read the descriptions in FULL…

So until I can find a whole load of FULL-SIZED mismatching bottles to extend this meagre collection, I’m adding these to my wish list:

‘Bottles’  roller blind from Bodie & Fou, currently £38.99 (sale price)

vintage milk bottles from Pedlars, £6,50 each

white bottle light from Rockett St George, £45

PS: I’m packing to go to the South of France for a sunny week, so if you’re bored in my absence, my next post over at Natural History will go up on Tuesday.

Bonnes vacances!

featured image at the top via Design*Sponge


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