The perfect glass of milk (for cookies)

Did I mention how much I love Anthropologie?

Yes, I think I did…

I now work in the threatening vicinity of their Regent Street branch, so it’s ever so tempting to ‘pop in at lunch time’… just to have a little look… you know…

They’ve recently brought the famous Euro Milk Glass back in stock. It has previously sold out 3 times, so I simply couldn’t let it happen once more.

So between my turkey sandwich on Hanover Square and a latte on George Street, I took a short detour for these:

note the delightful green tint in the glass and the chunky rim…

Unfortunately, our kitchen cupboards are (temporarily) out of cookies. So until this anomaly is rectified, I shall use my Euro Milk Glasses as pretty vases instead.

At £4 each, what’s not to like?

Go on, you know you want to make them sell out once more…

**Important update: Project Wall of Shame is well underway (see previous post for background on this enterprise if necessary), and you’ll be pleased to know I followed your precious advice: I can officially confirm the pages of the herbal have been ripped out. The final touches will be added on my return from holiday so I’m afraid you’ll have to be patient to witness the result of our mischevious masterplan (I say OUR because we’re all in this together).

featured image at the top via J’adore La Maison Ltd


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