I am so guilty, I must confess.

Just to completely contradict my previous post on how much I love books, I’m now guilty of wanting to rip out pages from a book to dress the wall of shame in my hallway!

Let me explain.

I’ve been looking for vintage botanical book plates for that big empty wall for months; and as I want to make a real feature of it, one print simply wouldn’t be enough. The more the merrier:

wall of happiness via Ballard Designs

and more, via Restoration Hardware

and again… via Homes & Gardens

As you can see, they’re everywhere. Botanical prints are all the rage, and therefore fairly pricey.

So I needed a plan to get my vision out of my head and onto that wall of shame without breaking the bank.

The solution suddenly came to me when I was browsing for books in my local charity shop. There it was: Lesley Gordon’s Country Herbal, for £3.50!

A lovely hard back book that compiles a comprehensive A-Z of country herbs, with a bit of history and lovely folklore to accompany the magnificent illustrations.

Aaaah the illustrations… they’re really at the source of my evil plan: such beauty should not be hidden away on dusty bookshelves. These book plates are crying out to flaunt their loveliness on a big empty wall… aren’t they?

So here I am now, with a shortlist of 12 book plates, a box of 12 A4 frames…

… and guilty feelings for engineering such a devilish plan.

Should I? Should I not?

YOU tell me. Pretty please!


featured image at the top via Old Quilt Company


7 thoughts on “Scissorhands

  1. You should totally do it. I chopped out pictures from my treasured book of 1960s/70s John Hinde Butlin’s photos and framed them and I LOVE them… but I guess it’s easier to get another one of those on Amazon. Ages ago I saw this incredible DIY project on the marvellous Design*Sponge using botanical books and images as decoupage. Managed to find it – – a whole other level but doesn’t it look ace? Look fwd to seeing your framed lovelies!

  2. I feel for you. I hate the idea of mutilating books (it’s the secret librarian in me). However, view this as providing a new lease of life for this book. No longer will it be quietly rotting in a dark corner. It now has a glamorous and exciting life in the sunshine of your hallway.

  3. Go for it. It’s not like you wouldn’t still be able to enjoy the rest of the book and your framed pictures would probably be enjoyed by more people.

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