The house of books

There is nothing better than curling up by the fireplace with an old cherished hardback book on a rainy day. Or that moment when you open a brand new paperback and smell the crisp paper and glue on your deckchair, on the first day of a lazy holiday in Provence.

I love books and I dream of a big house full of them, from floor to ceiling, in every room. Comfy chairs and soft daybeds would be strategically placed in every corner of the house to satisfy sudden urges to pick up a book and read.

Until the dream becomes true, I make do with a few Ikea shelves here and there and wish there were more hours in the day I could fully dedicate to reading.

Working in publishing has turned me into a bit of a geek when it comes to paper goods, and the craft of bookmaking has always fascinated me. Here are a few picks from our modest collection that never cease to enchant me:

it’s all in the detail

a stylish way to present style …

… with bulky uncoated paper leaves inside

the years have given this yellow edition a divine smell

a bit of cloth on a hard cover, et voilà!

And until I can afford floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, these little trinkets will keep the dream alive:

Cavallini & Co handy stickers to label books on loan
£4 for 18, from Papernation

Demeter Paperback cologne spray
£15 from The Literary Gift Company

a smoky blend of wood, amber and moss – just like at the library
£21 from Amara

book effect wallpaper (stone)
via Peter Silk of Helmsley

Nothing will ever replace the paper edition of a book. But when I’m too tired to even hold it, I like to put this CD on:

A recording from 1954 of The Outsider read by Camus himself in its entirety. A breathtaking piece I cherish –despite its lack of paper and glue. It was a birthday present from my oldest friend.


4 thoughts on “The house of books

  1. What an inspiring post! I’ve been through a bit of a book drought recently and I really miss that incomparable bliss of being consumed by a really good book. Love all the added extras too.

    PS Was wondering if that Luella book was good – might get it now, based on your recommendation 😉

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