The morning after the 6 years before

So this is it.

After 6 years and 7 days of dreary daily commutes across London on the Piccadilly Line, I am leaving the world of business publishing to work on prestigious art auction catalogues instead.

It goes without saying I’m absolutely terrified, but it’s often too easy to stay tied to the same desk for security or for fear of change. I’m a creature of habit, but surprisingly also thrive on new challenges in the workplace. So it was time to say goodbye, and it was a rather emotional affair.

My colleagues spoilt me rotten, making it so hard for me to turn the page.

After my long-suffering manager’s touching presentation, I just about managed to mutter a pathetic ‘thank you all for putting up with me all this time’ before my voice embarrassingly started to crack. So it was perfect timing when I was quickly handed a pile of pretty little gift bags, individually labelled with arty postcards and personalised messages. And here’s what I dug out from them:

lovely rubber stamps I had actually spotted on previous shopping errands (from any good stationery shop near you)

paper goods always get me excited, particularly when they’re this beautiful

(I’d like to bring your attention to the bag those came in: “You are by far the most talented person I know”. Perfect for my big head)

pretty wooden bird pegs

don’t they know me well…

Some gift vouchers –courtesy of Selfridges– complemented the lot perfectly well I thought.

This was so overwhelming I was lost for words. The only thing I could manage was a pitiful “let’s go to the pub then”.

And that’s just what we did.

I will miss them.


For more stationery delights going up this Saturday, click on the button below

Molly and the Princess


9 thoughts on “The morning after the 6 years before

  1. OMGoodness, no wonder you were lost for words, it was not only a emotional moment…gulp….but what gorgeous things you were given, so much thought! I LOVE birds, I’ve got to ask…where are those stamps from? I love them all!

    • I did a little investigation and found out the stamps are from a South London shop called Lucas Bond. They also have a website so you can order online!
      They’re from the lovely stationery brand Cavallini & Co that’s widely available (at least in good stationery shops) so if you like this, check them out as you’ll love the whole range!x

  2. The bird stamps, pegs and notebooks are gorgeous – I want! Best of luck in your new venture, it sounds very exciting. And thank you so much for linking up to ‘Show Me Your Stationery’ x

  3. Bad stationery joke:
    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Broken pencil.
    Broken pencil-who?

    Oh forget it, it’s pointless.

    Good way of teaching kids the difference between stationery and stationary:
    Stationery = e of envelope
    Stationary = a of anchor

    Good luck with the new job Gaelle!

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