There is a (green) light that never goes out

Being part of the Natural History blogging team has got me so excited I’ve been spending far too many hours in my garden of late –to the joy of the mosquitoes in residence.

And when I wasn’t in the garden, I was dithering about pots, troughs and watering cans in Homebase (said watering can to feature in my next Natural History’s post very soon).

Spending so much time outdoors now makes me want to bring the green indoors.

The colour green is known to stimulate the brain and boost one’s overall wellbeing. But I noticed this colour is particularly limited around the flat:


…so I’ve now set a green background on my laptop and switched the TV to Wimbledon to add the obligatory splash of green to my surroundings.

But these are only short-term and rather unexciting remedies so I’ve put together the ultimate green wish list (until my wallet feels so inclined…).

Graham & Green Portobello cabinet

H&M Home cushion cover

The Peanut Vendor polka dot pots

Not On The Hight Street tea towel

Rose & Grey tennis wallpaper

H&M Home door mat

And last but not least, this gem would never go out on my watch:

 photography: Artemis Russell via The Bucket Tree

Are they sure money doesn’t grow on trees?



2 thoughts on “There is a (green) light that never goes out

  1. I’ve just picked up a great green lampshade in the Habitat closing down sale and it’s completely joined up all the other bits of green in the room (in curtains and cushions). I didn’t realise how good green makes you feel but I can imagine it now, especially when I look at my lovely new lamp!!

    PS Love the little Smiths reference in tyhe title 😉

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