Be prepared…

…for an all-American Nice Day for a Sulk next week. I’m getting on a plane to New York tomorrow for a first ever fleeting visit and I’m hoping to fill my suitcase, belly, camera and heart with fragments of loveliness for the next 4 days.

I’ve got a long list to get through, but first things first, I’ll be getting my paws on one of these upon arrival:

from New York with love

Normal Nice Day for a Sulk service shall resume next week, once I’ve perfected my American accent and spent my June wages.










3 thoughts on “Be prepared…

  1. Bon voyage!

    Go to Central Park, it’s beautiful (and weirdly, almost 100% artificial)

    “Like every other work of art, Central Park is entirely man-made. The only natural feature on the Park site is the metamorphic rock called Manhattan schist, which is approximately 450 million years old.

    To create the Park’s naturalistic lakes and streams, low-lying swamps were drained, a naturalistic shoreline was established, and city water pipes were installed; to create the Park’s vast, undulating meadows, swampland was filled with soil, and rock outcrops were leveled with gunpowder; to create the Park’s three woodland areas, barren rock-strewn slopes were planted with millions of trees, shrubs, and vines.”

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