Exquisite treats for the ears

Following on from my previous post on lovely ways to treat your smelling organ, my ears got stuck in and caused a scene.

Their argument is that I don’t go through as much effort to keep them happy, and I don’t write at length about it.

So this post is nothing to do with wall dressing, pretty fabric, lampshades or scented candles, as my lugholes don’t care much for such things.

I had to push the boat out and come up with something really special to make it up to them: so I took them out to see Belle & Sebastian last night.

They (I) have yet to stop smiling. Sadly no sign of Nice Day For A Sulk, but my ears were happy as larry with If You’re Feeling Sinister, Fox In The Snow and The State I Am In.

We now have serious Belle & Sebastian withdrawal symptoms, and I shall leave you with a little treat for your own ears.

Make a nice cup of tea, put your feet up and embrace the loveliness.

If I could have a second skinI’d probably dress up in you


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