Walls and ceilings of London

In my quest for interesting wall dressing solutions at home, I recently developed a keen eye for my architectural and interiors surroundings. Out and about on the underground for instance, the iconic metro tiles at Caledonian Road and the Art Deco ceilings at Manor House tube station fill my commute with fleeting snipets of inspiration.

One cultural trip to the V&A later, I’m back with numerous snapshots of lavish panelling and ornate ceilings to admire and play with.

Lydia and Manfred Gorvy lecture Theatre at the V&A

V&A café

However wonderful these may be, my flat doesn’t quite lend itself to such opulence.

Closer to home, my new favourite coffee shop in Crouch End also caught my eye. Coffee Circus Limited ticked my box right away with their quirky choice of wall dressing in the back room.

The more conventional alternative in the front room is a winner too.

I should add their coffee isn’t bad either

So my head and camera are now full of these snapshots of beauty from around town. But the prospect of carving my ceiling or gluing sheet music to my walls makes my brow sweat a little.

I’ve therefore gone as far as putting a few pictures up (well, my father in law actually has, in a more truthful recollection of events).

My Wall of Shame is now a proud parade of artsy prints and a painted Ikea hanger successfully retrained and is now offering professional “framing” services to an awkwardly shaped map.

The ceiling situation has also been addressed with timid attemps to display eye-catching light features like this one:

This lampshade should obviously be hanging much lower –I know, it has been bugging me for a while… But I quite like the fact it takes a bit of neck-twisting to catch a good glimpse of it.

There’s always something special to spot if one takes the time to look around. Keep your eyes peeled for those hidden gems around town.


4 thoughts on “Walls and ceilings of London

  1. Love your photos in the tube station and V&A and your art wall looks great! Cute prints and the repurposed IKEA hanger is brilliant thinking. Fornasetti lampshade is FAB!

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

    Meera xx

  2. Oh boy. I am very jealous you went to the V&A. I’ve never been and would absolutely love to, alas this northern girl has no plans to head to London any time soon – I must remedy this!
    Lovely lamp btw xx

    • Well if you ever fancy the trip down, I’ll be your tour guide and we can go admire the Rodins, the old tapestries and the ceramics galleries -followed by almond and lemon cake from the beautifiul cafe. (the boyf offered me a year’s membership for Christmas so I have to make it worthwile!) 😀

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