My privileged self

I know, I know… my last post is a bit old now. You’re probably all bidding frantically for Bjorn Wiinblad plates on eBay as we speak, having read my babbles from 3rd May too many times.

Or perhaps I shouldn’t be so presumptuous. You’re probably so sick of reading the same old post that you’ve packed up your subscription to Nice Day for a Sulk and sold it on eBay (to a Belle & Sebastian fan who thought he was getting his paws onto something relating to his favourite band).

It turns out I have actually been quite busy with the following:

• trying to schedule a suitable time in the diary for our curtain-maker to come and put our blinds up in the bedroom

(in vain, still undergoing)

• browsing the internet for hours looking for replacements for our 80’s brass door handles

(in vain, still undergoing)

• finding ways to cope with a 5-day week

(in vain, still undergoing)

But if there’s ONE thing I’ve achieved this week, is being a (very chuffed) guest on the brilliant blog Make Do & Mend. Laura’s What’s on your bookshelf series seemed perfectly suited for my eclectic display.

Hopefully my contribution will make up for the hours I’ve made you waste on eBay.

It was a privilege to be taking part, so thanks again Laura!

PS: If you’re the Belle & Sebastian fan who won this subscription on eBay, DO read my guest post, there is a Belle & Sebastian mention in it –well, sort of…


3 thoughts on “My privileged self

  1. Ugh, I have those same door handles. I’m taking the ignore-them approach, though; I’ve done so much DIY and decorating over the last two years I need a bit of time off from it!

    • I’ve just realised there isn’t that much excitement in the realm of door handles, what a disappointment… I should really leave them alone. If I change them, I’ll probably be left with holes in the doors… so would need to change the doors… then the doors wouldn’t match the skirting boards, so I would need to change those too… AAHHHHHH!

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