Bargain of the century

I am back from a refreshing trip to Norfolk and normal service on Nice Day For a Sulk has now resumed.

You’ll be glad to know my to-do list has been successfully completed and even bettered.

I’ll try not to turn this post into a tourist guide to Norfolk, but I’m sure you’ll agree I have to compile a shortlist of my Easter weekend highlights:

Creake Abbey Studios: This is a MUST everytime I visit, and I always make sure to pop in to Annie Lambert’s boutique. Her shop is full of old French bric-a-brac, vintage grain sacks, linens and occasional furniture.

these little linen wash bags will look spot on -when I locate my iron…

• Norwich Elm Hill: A beautiful cobbled street round the corner from the hustle and bustle of the high street. So old and so British… hence so perfect.

Amongst antiques dealers, traditional bear makers and craft supplies merchants, make sure to look out for Wrights Court where you’ll find the most intriguing Antiques shop -conveniently located opposite the Tea House. You can savour their mean brownie in the back garden, looking out onto the old ruins of a church.

I would have loved to try Hayley’s legendary coffee at the Window (the smallest coffee shop in the world just round the corner), but I turned up too late… So be better organised than me and make sure you get there before 3pm!

• Fakenham market on Thursdays: what initially looked like a traditional village market turned out to be a real treasure trove. The back of the market consists of huge auction rooms and a great bric-a-brac of incredibly cheap all-sorts.

The lady behind one of the stalls confirmed the teapot I had my eyes on cost £1.50. As the suspicious Londoner that I am, I insisted and asked again. Her brilliant response was “I don’t care, it’s not my teapot”. I never pulled out £1.50 of my purse so fast… and here it is, in all its cheap glory:

“I don’t care, it’s not my teapot”

Fakenham is full of antiques and vintage haunts, so before stopping for a cuppa and a read at the Dancing Goat on Oak Street, Norwich Road should help to forge your appetite.

So there, a much-edited round-up of my Easter weekend. I could go on to include the Cookies crab salad, the Heacham lavender farm, the numerous flea markets and the rhododendron trail in a misty Sheringham park… but I’m due a tea break you see.

I’m still a bit jet-lagged and my body still thinks it’s in the Norfolk time-zone so I’ll give my cheap teapot some attention right now.


3 thoughts on “Bargain of the century

  1. Gazooks £1.50 for that lovely tea pot?? I would have snapped her hand off too. That is the bargain of the year – well done!!

    • I still can’t quite believe it myself… I’ve already made my investment worthwile with very regular tea breaks everyday, I’ve definitely covered my costs already! 😉

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