On the broads

At last an excuse to put my wellies and some decent walking shoes to good use: I am packing for a loooong weekend in Norfolk (starting tomorrow).

My activities over the next few days will include (in no particular order):

• consuming humongous crab salad(s) at Cookies, Salthouse

• foraging for vintage gems in Norwich

• savouring cream tea(s) in Clay

• looking out to sea from Holkham Bay

• slowing down

(and repeat all of the above as many times as necessary)

Happy Eastmas everyone, with love from the Norfolk broads.

Normal Nice Day For A Sulk service will resume once the aforementioned have all been successfully completed.


4 thoughts on “On the broads

  1. Sounds like the perfect break! I’m taking a break too, when else are we going to get 11 days off for the price of booking off 3, with such glorious weather?!

    Have a lovely time, Gaelle!

    Meera xx

  2. Hi Gaelle,

    The lovely Lisa from Mathilde heart Manech pointed me in your direction. You’re obviously a born blogger my fear – I love your posts so far!
    Hope you’re having a great time in Norfolk. I am visiting Norfolk for the first time in July and can’t wait! Look forward to seeing what you got up to and any recommendations you have ould be great.
    Kathryn x

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