Animal Farm

Our flat is in real danger of turning into a farmyard –well not literally of course– but when entering our manor, the visitor can undoubtedly notice the running theme that draws heavily on wildlife.
I am accepting full(-ish) responsibility for this… but I’d still like to ponder over the cause to effect problem we’re facing here by listing the following as the roots of my irrational shopping behaviour:

• Kate Burt, creator of Your Home is Lovely, pretty much THE blog that made me want to start one of my own. Kate has the eye for all things beautiful (and affordable) for the home. Her favourites usually come in the shape of a dog (for instance) and could also be used as a lamp (for instance).

Natural History, the Origin of Style where one can find the most wonderful homewares, artifacts and stationery inspired by antique encyclopedia of natural history. Pure eye candy.

• Ebay: always and forever. Anything goes: scraps of patterned fabric, leftover Toile de Jouy wallpaper, vintage botanical prints, unwanted stag antlers … all looking for a new home.

So now the culprits have been named and shamed, I can introduce you to my outrageous menagerie:

bird bottle stop from Habitat / mouse doorstop from eBay

Moomin’ jug from Indish (not technically an animal I know, but I felt the need to show it off) / dog cushion from eBay and bird cushion from Habitat

duck carrier bag holder from eBay / camel from Morocco, memory from my late mother

And last but not least, the Flying Pig:

He sits proudly in the hallway, greeting visitors and keeping an eye on their belongings. He was rescued from a charity shop by my boyfriend’s dad who spruced him up with a thick coat of glossy black paint.

The Flying Pig landed in our vestibule one day with this perfectly appropriate label attached to his right ear:

who says we cannot…?


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