A walk down Memory Lane

As the sun came out to say goodbye to my sweet 20’s today, I spent the eve of my 30th birthday wandering around my old neighbourhood (ie: just on the Other Side of the park) and getting all soppy about it.

First stop:

It was just like I remembered it, with a mix of colourful shop windows, retro boutiques and shabby chic tea rooms.











A mooch around N16 could not be complete without a stroll to Clissold Park with a compulsory coffee and the weekend papers (and a little accompaniment to help my sugar levels, it’s my birthweekend after all).

Third stop:

I lived in 2 flats there and I keep the best memories of those years. The Sylvanian Families shop is still there, next to the newly opened Café Vintage. That was an exciting discovery and I wasn’t going to let it spoil my day, but why on earth wasn’t it there 4 years ago? You can shop whilst feasting on coffee and cake. What’s not to like?

And a few doors down, I found Bennet & Brown, another “new” find I tried not to get upset about. This little shop is full of early to mid-century cabinets, vintage signs and enamel factory lamp shades. (Un?)-luckily, my “bag-for-life” was full of magazines and Saturday papers (god I’m so middle-class –or is it called “alarm-clock-British now?…), otherwise I would have sealed the deal on that 1930’s First Aid wooden box…

What a lovely way to round-up the last 10 years, and as much as I’m looking forward to the next 10, I can’t help but feeling a tad dewy-eyed.

So until I get my comfort cake tomorrow, I’ll cling on to my sweet 20’s for a few more hours.


4 thoughts on “A walk down Memory Lane

  1. Aaawwww, happy 30th birthday, my lovely!! I love the stops you made and your finds, I’ve bookmarked them for my next visit to London!

    Hope you’re having a delightful birthday weekend and being thoroughly spoiled!

    Meera xx

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