Jumble extravaganza

What a weekend for the vintage-lover in North London! Too many exciting events to attend so here’s a little summary of the ones that made it on to my shortlist.

The weekend started with a bang with Barboot at The Haberdashery. This quaint little café is every breakfast-craving Crouch-Ender’s dream, delighting its visitors with a vast array of light lunches, delicious cakes and perfect coffee. On the first Friday of every month, between 7.30pm and 10.30pm, the tables are tucked aside and the premises turn into a buzzing craft and vintage bazaar, with a mix of clothing, jumble, and art as well as live music and cocktails served in vintage tea cups.

Barboot Take 7 was rammed by 8pm, and the neighbouring retailers joined in the party with a bunting workshop at Sally Bourne Interiors:

…and popcorn, wine and old French records at Little Paris:

Furniture shop Of Special Interest was full of local artists exhibiting the most exquisite photographs, screen prints and drawings. Adding to my growing list of prints we ought to frame, I’ve now got this:

Unfortunately, I did not catch the artist’s name (what a lazy blogger I’ve been, tut tut), so if you happen to know, please contact me so I can duly credit her.

I can picture it above the sofa, on the big empty space I’ve baptised “the big-wall-of-shame”. Even the sofa is ashamed of it and crying out for “something, ANYTHING!”…

Back to our weekend outings, it was soon time for our next vintage-stop: the long-awaited North London Vintage Market on Saturday.

It was like poking around in Ali Baba’s cave with stalls full of mid-century ceramics, enamel teapots, 1940’s desk lamps and retro dresses and scarves hanging off makeshift clothes rails.

The reason for my visit was my search for a wooden box, big enough to hold my (cheap) jewellery but small enough to fit on my bedroom chest of drawers. This search has been underway for several months. It’s hard to find a jewellery box when you don’t actually want a jewellery box. Or at least, not a box that is intended to store jewellery. Those are usually too girly, fussy, jewelled and/or pink…

…if you see what I mean…

And then… after months of unsuccessful ebay browsing, I found THE box. And it’s not a jewellery box, so it’s absolutely perfect:

With a bit of decorative paper stuck on the inside, I can fairly say it’s very happy to have been turned into a jewellery box; it may lack a bit of diamante, and it may smell of old spiced incense, but that suits me fine:


4 thoughts on “Jumble extravaganza

    • It’s so hard to find good (and cheap) vintage events in London, this weekend was just too much! It was like Christmas all over again. Hope you’re well. xx

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