Canary envy

With Easter round the corner, this time of year is all about sweet pastels and ice-cream shades, with stacks of baby blue chocolate rabbits and light pink sugar eggs already adorning shop displays everywhere.

…but I’m not one for tweeness.

With a teasing taste of glorious sun shining above our heads in London last week, I’ve been craving radiant yellows. Something brash and fiery, along the lines of earthy saffron, ripe lemons and bright egg-yolks (the sunny-side-up kind that is).

These just fit the bill (if you’re my banker, thank you for reading my blog but I should warn you, you may come across statements of a certain prodigality…):

Roberts DAB radio


Coral lamp by Studio Aisslanger


Ed Carpenter pigeon light from twentytwentyone

available @ Etsy


as seen @ SpaceNK


courtesy of Decor8

In my urge to bring the sunshine indoors, I’ve turned my flat upside down on a mad hunt for the yellow items I actually own.

This is what I’ve come up with:

• a bunch of (nearly-dead) tulips

• an old Habitat cushion that’s seen better days

• my beloved Rose Prince Kitchenella bible (comes with bits of food stuck between the pages)

And consider yourselves lucky; you’ve been spared the over-ripe grapefruit I found at the bottom of the fruit bowl.

This obviously still needs a bit of work…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a flat to tidy up!



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