Pick and choose

Hugely inspired by fellow blogger Mathilde Heart Manech’s recent burst of creativity (or shall I say “In an attempt to steal fellow blogger Mathilde Heart Manech’s  recent genius idea…), I’ve been browsing frantically through websites and websites of retro fabrics to find the right selection for my 3 embroidery hoops.

The following samples made it on my shortlist, and if I can’t edit this over the next few days, I’m going to have to invest in many more embroidery hoops (and possibly much more wall space too).

The Japanese linens collection on Fabric Inspirations is ace:






































I’m not so much into cute flowery patterns, but these 60’s styles also caught my eye:

The mid-century prints at Fabric Rehab added to my troubles:

I also came across Spinster’s Emporium that stocks the most beautiful vintage fabrics, wallpapers and original knitting/sewing patterns from the 70’s.

This Pierrot fabric sent me right back to my childhood as I had the exact same print on my bedroom wall in my young years. This one isn’t a contender, but I’ve added it to this list for old times’ sake as it made me smile:

So there. I’m stuck.

And this is only a snapshot from the much more extensive selection I’ve compiled…

This wall dressing project may never come to light, but the browsing alone has been a delight.

Merci qui? Merci Mathilde!


2 thoughts on “Pick and choose

    • Thank you, that’s very kind! A trip up-Norf is definitely over-due, we need to sort this out! You might have a surprise visit this summer! Love to you all.xx

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