Weekend DIY


grim view from the living room window this Sunday

A pot of Homebase grey paint has been sitting in my D.I.Y cupboard since we moved in to the flat back in November. A rainy Saturday is all I needed to rescue it and give an old Argos pine trunk and a dull Ikea stepladder a new lease of life.

It turned out the hallway was a perfect pop-up studio for the task:

flatpacked ugliness

The adverse atmospheric conditions were showing no sign of improvement so I pushed the boat out and applied a primer as well as a second coat.

professional undercoat

I’m reasonably pleased with the end result and would justify the uneven patches as intentional injections of shabby-chic in my hallway.

Et voilà!

don't look too closely...

PS: please bear with me, I’m not quite there with WordPress…









3 thoughts on “Weekend DIY

  1. That’s a great little project, Gaelle, they look so charming now!

    I love your blog already, I look forward to following it 🙂

    Thank you so much for the mention on your sidebar and also for joining me on Facebook, you are now on my blogroll too!

    Meera xx

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